We are happy to create space for serious students and explorers of herbalism; both clinical and spiritual. Josh currently has space for one apprentice and one intern. Please red below for program details.


There’s no better way to learn plant medicine than to get your hands dirty and dig in! An apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to learn under a practicing herbalist while directly giving back to our community. Josh’s apprenticeship style is focused on both clinical and spiritual/energetic herbalism and is firmly rooted in working a constitutional model and treating each person as a unique individual.

Apprenticeships are not structured in the same way a school program might be. Instead, you learn through immersion. You’re around the work being done and start to pick up on the foundations and the subtleties of working with the plants as healing allies. Your questions provide the syllabus and your personal interests within herbalism guide the focus.

If you are interested in working with Josh as an apprentice, please reach out and we can discuss what’s possible.


If you’re currently attending an herbal studies program and would like some hands-on and real-world clinical experience, we would love to help!

Please reach out to learn more about intern hours and opportunities.

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