This week we are thrilled to announce a new arrival at the Greenthread Herbs shop- Crystal Tonics!

These vibrant, love-filled bottles contain a synergistic blend of plant and stone medicine, and they’ve made a pretty big impact on us as they’ve come into the shop.

Crystal Tonics is a local Utah company based in Park City. It’s run by two amazing women- Carina Bachman and Jennifer Rugg. This mother-daughter team has found a beautiful and effective way to bring plant and stone energy together in perfect harmony for deep healing and empowerment that you can feel!

Crystal Tonics are based on simple yet profound blends of essential oils, gemstone essences, and Reiki energy. The process of creating these tonics begins by formulating a perfectly balanced combination of pure essential oils and gemstones. They’re picked to compliment and empower one another- two of the most potent Earth energies brought together for deep healing and empowerment on every level. Once combined in either mineral water for the sprays or coconut oil for the rollers, they are charged with Reiki energy to open them up as channels for love, light, and positive change.

These tonics smell amazing, but that’s just the beginning. If you take a few minutes to sit with them as you spray them around your body or roll them onto your pulse points you will feel a noticeable and deep shift. The plants and stones bring their wisdom and energy to you where you need it most and start working to support you in being the very best you.

Sprays can also be used on altars, healing tools, cars, workspaces, or even on your wallet in the case of the Abundance blend. Rollers can be applied to pulse points, smelled from the bottle, or applied to sacred tools and objects.

We love all the blends, but Abundance, Sixth Sense, and Be Well have become our favorites. We’ve got a couple of bottles open in the shop- so stop in and we’ll let you experience them for yourself!

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