It’s hot outside- so here in the shop we’ve been talking a lot lately about the many herbs that can help us feel and stay cool during the warmest summer months. As we kick off a few weeks of focusing on these herbs, there’s no better to start with than Hibiscus Flower! As if the decadent ruby red color and perfectly tart flavor wasn’t enough, this exotic looking flower makes for the perfect summertime cooling herbal tea.

Hibiscus sabdariffa grows in many places, but ours comes from a family-owned organic farm in West Africa. The flowers themselves demand attention with their vibrant red petals and yellowish stamens. As a tea, Hibiscus is enjoyed throughout some of the hottest places on earth; a testament to its ability to cool, calm, and delight no matter how high the temperature rises.

Hibiscus is in a special class of herbs known as refrigerants. These herbs work by gently moving heat from the tissues of the body. Heat used here is in both the literal term of temperature and the energetic term as used in both Ayurveda and Chinese Herbalism.

As heat is moved from the tissues, the body is better able to release that heat which makes us feel cool. Hibiscus isn’t actually causing a drop in body temperature; rather it’s helping the body to better regulate its own temperature. Counter-intuitively, drinking hot Hibiscus herbal tea is actually better at cooling the body. Why? Because the warm tea causes the blood vessels and pores to expand resulting in greater surface area and greater release of body heat.

In addition to being a fantastic refrigerant herb, we also love Hibiscus for its high Vitamin C content and support of immunity, mood, and digestion.

Stop in today for a taste of Hibiscus tea! It’s 20% off in bulk while being featured, and several products that feature Hibiscus as a main ingredient are also on special!

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