Many of us use Neti as part of our wellness routine- or when we feel congested, dried out, or stuffy. But there’s a missing element that can take the power of the Neti pot to a whole new level- Nasya. Nasya is a soft, silky oil blend that is dropped into the nasal passage. It’s a mainstay of Ayurvedic herbal medicine and one that deserves every accolade it receives.

The Nasya we carry is made here in the USA in New Mexico and combines ancient and progressive Ayurvedic formulation. After a Neti session, or as needed, Nasya oil can be used to bring cool lubrication to the nasal passage and sinuses- perfect relief for the hot, dry summers of Salt Lake City.

In addition to that deep moisturization from Sesame and Olive oils, something else happens with Nasya- and it has everything to do with the power of the breath and the mind as gateway to the consciousness. The nose is the passageway of incoming breath which relates to the mind, consciousness, and spiritual work. When the breath isn’t open and free, or when the passages are dry and irritated, that consciousness isn’t nourished and empowered like it could be. A balanced, easy breath is essential for a peaceful mind and spiritual work.

To make Nasya an even more powerful ally for both breath and spiritual practice, our oil has been infused with Brahmi- famous for being an herb of consciousness and spirituality. It’s also infused with Skullcap which can help relieve hot, dry, negative emotions like anger. Eucalyptus essential oil makes our Nasya a delight to the senses.

To use Nasya, tilt the head back by hanging it off the edge of your bed or over the edge of a meditation pillow. Slowly release 3-5 drops of Nasya oil into each nostril. After some practice you’ll be able to expertly coat the inside of the whole nostril with a few drops. Sniff in a few times to draw the Nasya in, then relax and do relaxed breathing while the oil works its way in. You can also gently massage the nostrils to help distribute the oil evenly.

Stop in to learn more about Nasya oil and to check out our special line of neti pots and salts! We are so grateful to the ancestors and champions of Ayurveda for passing this wonderful wisdom down to us when it’s needed most.

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