Bulk Herbs

Come explore two full walls of vibrant organically grown and ethically wild harvested herbs from around the world! Take home only as much as you need to keep your stock fresh and fragrant; and always have the best herbs on hand for your creations.

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Mullein Leaves & Flowers grown organically in Croatia

Usnea Lichen hand-harvested from ancient forests in the Northwest
Reishi grown near a Taoist Monastery in China
Elderberries picked in Wisconsin on an Elder co-operative farm

Medicinal Herbal Teas

Our founder, Herbalist Josh Williams, is known for his love of tea as the best form of working with herbal medicine. So, there’s no surprise that we have a large selection of potent herbal tea blends for you to choose from and sample while you’re in the shop!

Sacred Blossom Farm; true farm-to-cup tea from Wisconsin

Alvita, pioneers of herbal medicine in America
Native American Tea Co., with roots in a South Dakota Reservation
Flying Bird Botanicals with special blends for mamas and their babies
Mother Mountain Herbals
Gaia Herbs
Wish Garden
Mountain Tea hand-harvested from Mt. Taygetos in Greece
Host Defense Mushroom Teas
Classing Chinese tang formulas

High-Potency Tinctures

We stock a variety of tinctures to make it easy for you to bring the power of plant medicine into your life. Some of our favorites include:

Dragon Herbs
Raw Forest Foods
Tree Of Life
Yellow Yarrow Apothecary
Wish Garden
Jing Herbs
Host Defense
Banyan Botanicals
Handmade by Herbalist Josh

Powders & Capsules

Work herbal medicine into your everyday with simplicity and consistency. Our curated selection of capsules, tablets, and teapills are second-to-none!

Host Defense Medicinal Mushrooms
Banyan Botanicals Ayurvedic Blends
Jing Herbs – legendary tonic herbs
Plum Flower Teapills (yes, we have Yin Chiao!)
Raw Forest Foods Pine Pollen

Energetic Essences

Connect to the deep, subtle, and unwinding power of plant medicine through our selection of essences. We carry the full line of FES flower essences, locally made flower essences, and Star Essences which work with the energies of gemstones.

CBD Products

We’re pro CBD and we have the very best in product for you to work with! We also carry CBD and Hemp Oil products for pets!

Yellow Yarrow Apothecary
Tree Of Life


Banyan Botanicals is our go-to source for high-quality formulas based on the ancient herbal healing traditions of Southeast Asia. We’ve always got the essentials like Chyavanprash, Triphala, Ashwagandha, and Shilajit in stock plus a variety of Ayurvedia formulas for all doshas and wellness goals.

Traditional & Classic Chinese Herbalism

From classing Tang tea blends to ancient Wan teapill formulas, we’ve go’t you covered. Some of our most popular TCM products include the famous Yin Chiao formula, Bupleurum & Dragon Bone, Reishi, Albizzia, Curing Pills, and super-soft Goji and Longan berries for snacking.

Indigenous American Traditions

Since time immemorial people have loved this land we now call home. They have also fostered deep and abiding relationships with the many medicinal plats of the area. We’re fortunate that many of these wisdom traditions have been shared with us, and we hope to share them with you. We carry several brands of teas and other products that are owned by the First Peoples of this area, and hope to carry more as we discover them.

Spiritual Herbalism

The power of plant medicine is not limited to the physical body- in fact it’s not limited at all! Our passion for spiritual herbalism connects you to the deep energy of plants in ways that can cause profound transformation in many areas of life from abundance and relationships to alignment and spiritual development. We carry several lines of spiritual herbal products, many rare and specialty books on the topic, and over 150 herbs which each carry their own gift of magic and manifestation.


We are proud to offer the most amazing selection of books on herbalism, plant medicine, and plant-based spirituality in the city. You won’t find more hand-curated books on this subject anywhere! We feature a classic lineup of celebrated authors as well as a seasonally rotating lineup of new and noteworthy books we know you’ll love having in your collection.

DIY Supplies

Bottles, droppers, reducers, and jars are just the beginning! We’ve got everything you need to create tinctures, teas, balms, salves, oils, and more!

Botanical Incense

Our selection of incense contains no glue, rubber, saltpeter, or synthetic fragrances which are found in almost all commercial incense sticks. Just the herbs!

Tea Accessories

We partner with local potters, ceramics artists, and makers to bring you affordable and unique teaware to make even the most casual sipping experience something to be treasured.

 Botanical Gifts

Classes & Workshops

170+ Bulk Herbs

From Wisconsin to Egypt, India to Croatia, we stock a massive selection of organic and ethically-wildcrafted herbs from around the world. We work directly with farmers to source the very best herbs for medicinal use, aroma, flavor, and color. Our goal is to bring you vibrant and freshly-dried plant materials that will take your teas, balms, oils, incenses, salves, tinctures, and other plant medicines to the next level.

Herbs are sold in 1/2 ounce increments. Get .05 per herb when you bring in your own container to refill!
Bulk discount pricing is available to the public.

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