Josh Williams

Josh is a staple of the Salt Lake City herbalist scene. He graduated from one of the world’s most respected clinical herbalism programs and has been a student of plant medicine for over two decades. Josh works with the plants to approach physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of being. Josh is a co-founder of the Utah Tea Guild, a certified Craft Cacao instructor, founder of the Tea Tuesday program with the Salt Lake Public Library, and owner of Greenthread Herbs Apothecary & Tea Shop in the avenues district of Salt Lake City, Utah. He is a member of the American Herbalists Guild and a contributing member of United Plant Savers.

Josh’s connection with the plants began at a young age, over time that connection became the foundation for his spiritual and clinical work. Josh works heavily with tea as both a method of working with plant medicine and as a practice of self care and spiritual work. He is known locally for his custom tea blends that are created specifically for each client to address their individual nature and personal wellness goals.

Josh offers a variety of hands-on workshops and plant ceremonies throughout the Salt Lake Valley all year long. His classes are experiential in nature and focus on giving people reliable information and inspiration to work more closely with our plant allies.

2019 Best Of Utah – Best Herbalist
2019 Best Of Utah – Best Holistic Health Store

Bryan Lindquist

Bryan has been a celebrated presence in the Salt Lake wellness scene for over a decade. With experience at the city’s top holistic health stores, he brings a wealth of wisdom and experience to the shop. Bryan’s passion for plant medicine, diet, and spiritual development combine to make him one of our community’s favorites.

Moons Spath

I’ve had a passion for plants and animals since I was small and living in the urban forest of cicadas buzzing in the summer and wind shaking the trees year round. I left Chicago early for the Prarie lands of North Dakota where trees are planted in rows and silky corn tassels will tower above you. Far and wide I traveled to Oregon, Wyoming, and Utah where in 2006 I settled in and became a 500 hr RYT with Dana Baptiste at age 19 in Salt Lake City. I traveled then to California in search of more learning and settled in on a proper herbal education with the California School of Herbal studies learning western herbalism and an eclectic offering of Ayurvedic and TCM teachers through their Roots of Herbalism program in 2011. In 2012 I studied advanced Chinese herbals with Candis Cantin at Evergreen Herb School focusing on Chinese herbs and formulations.

A long road that has taken me many places and back to Salt lake where I’ve taken to learning and cultivating appreciation for plant dyeing and spinning and weaving as well as the amazing path of tea and meditation, which is now where my training and heart has turned in recent years.

In addition to being a tea devotee and herbalist, Moons is also a celebrated local space designer. She designed and helped build out our shop! Learn more about her design work here:

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