This week we’re celebrating Rosehips – and what better time than these hot summer days! Rose hips are the fruit of Rosa canina, also known as Dog Rose. This particular variety of rose isn’t as flashy or as fragrant as the garden variety; but it packs a medicinal wallop that gives it all kinds of value.

We work with both the flower and the fruit of the Dog Rose plant, but this week we’re focusing on the hip itself. Located just below the bud, Rose Hips were the original Vitamin C supplement long before the fizzy C drinks or pills existed. They have a super unique flavor that’s at once expectedly floral and unexpectedly tart and sour.

Rose Hips have been a celebrated plant medicine in the West and throughout Asia. In China, they’re known as Jing Ying Zi where they’re prized as a tonic for Kidney Qi- an imbalance of which often manifests as urinary issues. It works on both the Kidney and Bladder meridians and can be used to gently direct the effect of other herbs into those energetic spaces.

The taste of Rosehips is sour while its energy is considered to be neutral to cool. As an astringent, it has a tightening and binding action on the mucous and soft membranes of the body. When you sip Rosehip tea, you can feel this effect on the tongue and around the inside of the mouth. This feeling of astringency can help to protect the body from infections as it tonifies the tissues. If there is built up inflammation in the tissues of the body, astringency can help to move it along which can bring about a lot of relief.

We love the cool, tart flavors of Rosehips and think they make a wonderful addition to summertime teas that help hydrate and nourish. The high vitamin A content can help support skin during extended sunshine hours, and the soothing effect on the respiratory system can feel great when the weather is so dry and hot.

In addition to our organic, farm-grown Rosa canina Roehips, we also have several herbal teas that contain them- and each is on sale all week! Of note is Chief’s Delight from Native American Tea Co. which combines Rosehips with other cooling, nourishing herbs like Hibiscus Flower and Berry leaves.

Stop in this week and learn more about Rosehips!



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