If you’ve been in Utah for more than a year, you know that in just a couple of weeks we’ll be celebrating Pioneer Day- and we’ll be doing it with more fireworks than the 4th of July! Utahn’s love this unique holiday celebrating the day in 1847 when the Mormon Pioneers first arrived in the Salt Lake Valley. The day kicks off with a parade that goes right past our shop, and ends with countless fireworks displays across the valley. Many people celebrate ‘Pie & Beer Day’ as an adjunct to the more traditional festivities of Pioneer Day.

While fireworks are always fun to watch- the sounds and smells can be triggering and panic-inducing for humans and animals alike. We stocked up heavy on our special organic CBD oil for pets for the 4th of July, sold out completely, and have it back in stock now in preparation for the 24th.

CBD, also known as Hemp Oil, is a wonderful way to help support calm in pets during fireworks, storms, road trips, or other stressful events. We’re happy to be carrying a pet-specific oil made by Tree Of Life in Colorado. Their hemp plants are grown by organic farmers, and once it’s time for the oil to be made a full-spectrum extraction happens that ensures you and your pets end up with all the most beneficial active parts of the plant. Tree Of Life ensures continuing cleanliness and potency by using a third-party testing and ensures no solvent remains once the extraction is complete.

Our CBD oil is based in coconut oil. It has a green scent and flavor. We like dropping it onto a treat and offering that to pets in order to make administering the oil simple and stress-free.

We carry a standard 125mg Hemp Oil and have plenty of information to help you define the right amount to use for your pet. Stop in and pick up your bottle while supplies last!


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