About Us

Plant medicine is more than a hobby, a career, or even a passion. It’s a calling that stirs the spirit and spills over into every area of our lives. We created Greenthread Herbs as an offering of empowerment and healing to the community we call home; and our goal is to offer you the very best in plant medicine of many forms.

Why Greenthread?
There is a wild plant that grows throughout the Southwest and Mountain West of the United States called Greenthread. This unassuming, flowering plant is so deeply connected to the First People of this land that it’s lovingly known as Navajo Tea. People from the Navajo, Hopi, and Apache Nations all drink Greenthread Tea as part of community sharing, healing, and connection. We chose to name our shop after this sweet herb in honor of the people who have cared for this land since time immemorial and their special connection to the plant kingdom.

We have five guiding principles that fuel our work and our offerings:

We aim to bring top-notch herbal education to Salt Lake City that’s delivered with love, fun, and approachability. Our free and premium classes are geared towards those new to plant medicine and the seasoned herbalist. We’re working to create a hub of plant love where you can learn, experience, and engage.

We hope to give you education you can rely on and also the empowerment to confidently work with the herbs in your own life on every level.

So you’ve met the herbs… now what? Let us inspire you with medicine making techniques, ideas, and new angles of plant medicine application!

Herbs work; but they work best as they’ve worked best for countless thousands of years- when we enter into deep relationship with them. We’re matchmakers of sorts and we’d love to help you find your personal plant allies for health, happiness, and spiritual growth!

We are so grateful for who the plants are and how they add to our lives. We think the energy of gratitude is magical in every way and hope to pass it on! Our gratitude extends to our teachers, those who have loved this land long before we were here, and to those we serve in the community.


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