We are happy to create space for serious students and explorers of herbalism; both clinical and spiritual. Josh currently has space for one apprentice and one intern. Please read below for program details.

Spiritual & Energetic Herbalism Apprenticeship

Josh offers a small-group apprenticeship program that immerses you in the world of spiritual and energetic plant medicine work. There are three levels of study; each building upon the previous.

If you’re new to the idea of what spiritual plant medicine and energetic herbalism are- please click here for a brief description.

Six classes over three months + projects + community service
Explore the essentials of spiritual plant medicine & energetic herbalism through connection to the human being and the plant being. This level creates a solid, reliable foundation upon which to build a deeper and more grounded herbal practice as you progress. Level 1 is limited to 6 students at a time and includes one-on-one mentoring sessions.

Level one covers: Clinical and spiritual plant medicine applications viewed through the sacred compass. We’ll use the wheel of the year as a guide to explore body systems, health imbalances, herbs, medicines, and magico-spiritual practices. As we cover various body systems we will look at herbs, formulas, herbal preparations, and energetics that correspond to them. Each herb covered includes hands-on medicine making and personal experience with guidance on traditional uses, lore, dosage, safety, growing and wildharvesting, meditations and initiations, and more. Students will have several homework assignments, readings, and a project to complete outside of meeting times. We will also create a community service project to offer as a group. We will have room for student-suggested themes within the syllabus which we will discuss on our first meeting.

Energy exchange: $350 for supplies, books, and binder + 6 hours shop time

Next stream begins Summer 2019
Please email us to request an application

Eight classes over four months + projects + community service
Now that you have a solid foundation, we’re going to begin walking the sacred compass together as we delve into the deeper and more magical applications of plant medicine. In this level we will look more closely at constitutional analysis and how to better match herbs to individual humans for wellness based on their unique energetic makeup. We’ll explore formulation methods while learning another 24-plus herbs in-depth. We will begin our work on the spiritual applications of plant medicine through the lens of craft and will explore many spiritual herbal healing traditions. This level is incredibly experiential and will focus on personal experiences of the plants, the medicines, and the initiations offered by the plants. This level also pushes more deeply into craft spirituality.

Level two covers: Constitutional analysis and diagnosis using the four elements method, plant spirit medicine work focusing on forging personal relationships with plant allies, further exploration of herbs and materia medica, wildcrafting and gardening points, formulations, advanced medicine making, client case studies, meditation and ceremony practices, herbal magical workings, ceremony, and more as the plants guide us.

Energy exchange: $350 for supplies, books, and binder + 6 hours shop time

Next stream begins Winter 2019
Please email us to request an application

LEVEL THREE – Info Coming Soon


If you’re currently attending an herbal studies program and would like some hands-on and real-world clinical experience, we would love to help!

Please reach out to learn more about intern hours and opportunities.

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