If you ask me, Cinnamon Bark and Winter were made for one another! Not only does Cinnamon appear in everything from lattes to frangranced candles at this time of year, it also brings an impressive array of benefits that suit the cold winter months just right. In this post, I’d like to share some of my personal favorite uses for medicinal Cinnamon Bark. I hope you’ll try and work this herb into your wintertime teas to experience it for yourself!

Cold Mitigation

No matter your personal constitution, wintertime is cold! One of my favorite benefits from working with Cinnamon is its gently warming nature. The sweeter and more medicinal Burmannii variety we stock here at Greenthread Herbs delivers a deep, penetrating warmth that’s a wonderful antidote to the bone-chilling winter.

Deep Warmth

Many times issues surrounding joint and muscle pain are caused by a lack of nourishing blood flow to the area. When parts of the body become stagnant or when blood cannot properly nourish and warm those areas due to energetic or organic blockages, Cinnamon can be a superstar. I love using this herb to help warm, gently stimulate, and get things moving in frozen, stiff, sore joints.

Wintertime Sickies

Viruses like cold and flu plus many annoying fungi and yeast take advantage of the wintertime to make their homes where we really don’t want them. Cinnamon Bark boasts some amazing antiseptic effects that can help warm and comfort us while fighting off many types of infections. Added to cold and flu teas it can be just the right aromatic herb to get the job done.

Holiday Eats

If you’re like me, it’s far too easy to overeat and make poor food choices during the cold winter months and holidays. Snacking is often comforting- but what happens when we overdo it? Cinnamon, as a classic aromatic herb, can help soothe and settle the stomach while encouraging a healthy digestive fire (agni) so that food doesn’t sit and rot for too long in the gut.

I hope you’ll try Cinnamon for yourself this season. Even a small amount added to one of our custom tea blends can really warm things up and bring that delicious Cinnamon flavor and aroma that’s just right for snowy Salt Lake City days.

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