Herbal Wellness Consultations
Take the guesswork out of your herbs! Allow us to help you find the best herbal allies for your personal wellness goals based on who you are as a unique individual, and which unique herbs are the best match for you.

Basic consultations are always 100% free and require no appointments. Just come in and we’ll be happy to help!

In-depth consultations take place in the shop with Josh and include up to 45 minutes of personal herbal education and a custom herbal tea blend! In-depth sessions are $35. Please call or email to schedule.
Sliding scale always available to those who need it.

Custom Herbal Tea & Tincture Formulations
We’re all about herbal tea- in fact we think it’s one of the better ways of working with plant medicine. It’s an excuse to slow down, center into the best part of yourself, and do some deep self love with the support of the plants. If you’re working on regaining wellness or balance in your life on any level, we’d love to create a custom herbal tea blend just for you! We’ll explain what each herb is as we add it to your blend and give you all the information you need to brew the perfect cup every time.

Your custome herbal tea consultation is 100% free, and the tea itself is just $2.50/ounce for most all blends. Stop in anytime for your blend!

Spiritual, Energetic, & Magickal Herbalism
The herbs were first worked with in ancient times as gateways for spiritual and magickal energies. They were connected to in order to cultivate fertility, protection, guidance, and soul-level healing. Today we work with herbs on all levels of being- body, mind, and spirit; but the spirit of herb magick remains the same.

From hunting for that perfect job to working on attracting new relationships, tonifying your personal protective field to ramping up your sixth sense, herbs are a wonderful way to bring magick and manifestation into your personal growth process.

Allow us to help guide you through creating herb bundles, spell bottles, sachets, tea, incenses, and brews. We’ll help you explore and connect to the herbs that carry just the right energy for your goals, and we’ll give you practical and approachable information on how to make it all come together in power and love.

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