This week we are so excited to be spotlighting one of our favorite herbs- and one of the most essential and important of all the Western wild herbs- Dandelion Root! While the whole plant can be used medicinally, we’re focusing on the roots and rhizomes of this wonderful, weedy well-wisher.

Before we get started, let’s tackle one little sore spot in the world of the herbalist- weeds.
Weeds are defined as plants we don’t want growing where they happen to grow. Calling a plant a weed in no way defines its value or its history. In fact, many of the most amazing herbal allies we have are classified as weeds- from plantain and chickweed to mullein and clover. So, the next time you hear someone call any of these herbs a ‘weed’, you can tell them just how amazing they really are! This is also a good spot to note that Dandelions are some of the first foods for bees in the springtime. When we work to kill or poison them, the bees have less food or end up getting poisoned in their pollination process. If you’re bent on getting rid of Dandelions in your garden or yard, please wait until other plants are blossoming to ensure your local bees have plenty of food.

Now, on to just a few of our favorite Dandelion Root benefits!

Deep Clean
Dandelion Roots have an amazing ability to deeply detoxify and cleanse the body- specifically the blood and liver, where blood is stored. This cleansing is nothing like those Hollywood hardcore detox programs. Adding Dandelion Root tea to your everyday wellness program offers a super gentle and incredibly thorough support of your body’s internal detoxification and cleansing processes. We love using Dandelion Roots when toxins are built up in the joints or in the blood. They can help flush out this toxicity so that there’s less inflammatory response and a healthier natural cleansing.

Liver Love
As mentioned above, Dandelion Roots are a fantastic option for gentle yet deep Liver cleansing. They help to cool, balance, and detox the Liver so that it can more effectively support its own balance and health.

Hot Feelings
In Chinese medicine, the Liver is considered to be the home of all fiery emotions- specifically anger, rage, and reactivity. The cool, earthy, and grounded energy of Dandelion Roots can help to pacify, shake off, and cleanse anger from the system while helping us to understand what’s underneath it. An emotional-level dose of Dandelion Root looks like a few drops of tincture in a bottle of water, or a few sips of tea before a calming meditation session.

This week we have our farm-raised organic Dandelion Root on sale at 20% off! Now is a great time to stop in and stock up! Bring a small, clean canning jar and get an additional 5 cents off while saving some paper! We also have beautiful Dandelion Leaves in stock which were grown on the same organic farm as the roots.


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