We love glycerites around here- and as we start to grow our selection of available herbs in glycerite extraction, I thought it would be a good time to tell you a few of the reasons we’re so excited to have them here.

As the name implies, glycerites are herbal extractions made in vegetable glycerine. In exactly the same way you’d make an alcohol tincture, glycerites are made but contain absolutely no alcohol at all. This makes them a fantastic option for people in recovery and those who don’t want any alcohol at all in their herbal remedies.

Not all vegetable glycerine is created equal. There’s a byproduct version that comes from the cosmetic industry that’s very much worth avoiding. The variety we use comes from a water and heat process using the oil from non-GMO soy. The water, pressure, and heat cause the glycerine to separate from the oily fat and that’s all there is to it! Not something we can do in our home kitchens, but it’s a great medium to work with for your herbal medicine making projects.

Glycerites are not quite as strong as their tincture counterparts because some of the active compounds in some herbs need a stronger solvent like alcohol. That being said, glycerites are strong enough for most herbs to get the job done.

To make a glycerite, herbs are soaked in a mixture of organic vegetable glycerine and distilled water for a full month with daily shaking. After that time, the herbs are strained out and the glycerite is bottled and labeled. Because glycerine is thick and sticky, it is often impossible to remove all the plant matter from the medium during the filtering process. If your glycerite has little bits of herbs in it, that’s totally normal and will only increase how much herbal energy you’re getting with each dose.

Glycerites are super sweet and make a great addition to teas. They can also be used for people who simply cannot handle the taste of an alcohol tincture or with children who refuse a traditional tincture because of the alcohol burn.

We currently stock Ashwagandha, Dandelion Root, and a calming blend called ‘Peaceful Warrior’ in glycerite forms. More are on the way and we will be adding our most popular single herb tinctures in glycerite form over time.



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