Spiritual Herbalism Apprenticeship Program
The Magic & Medicine Of Herbalism

For those who wish to dig into the magical world of herbalism…
Our apprenticeship program, lead by Herbalist Josh Williams and based on his Craft Tradition, taps into the deep ancestry of all people to call forth magic and wisdom for modern day healing and manifesting.

This spiritual herbalism apprenticeship is traditional in nature, is incredibly challenging in scope, and will give you both experience and empowerment in working with the plants on all levels. Our tradition is steeped in pre-historic craft and calls forth visionary work to help us connect deeply to the plants for true healing.

An overview of the program
Our course is based in tradition. This means we work to create an established flow of energy that inspires both teacher and student along the way. The program is completely unique in that it blends both the ancient magico-spiritual and medicinal aspects of herbalism into one harmonious flow. While we learn about one body system and the herbs that influence it towards wellness, we also explore the metaphysical energies of that system and the herbs that work magic for it.

The student will be equipped with a deepening of intuition and a confidence in practicing intuitive herbal medicine rooted in solid constitutional and clinical herbal modalities.

We work ceremony and meditation along with our botany and medicine making. We create charms and bundles along with our tinctures and poultices. Our teas are potions and our potions are teas.

We cover every major body system, over 50 individual herbs, most every energy and action of the herbal world, and all medicine making approaches throughout our time together. In addition to knowing how to do things, you’ll be given constant experience so that you have done things.

This program is best suited for the individual who wants a deeper, more spiritual relationship with the way they practice herbalism. It’s for those who wish to learn directly from the plants in ceremony and who wish to be agents of positive change and magic in the world.

To learn more about what Spiritual Herbalism is, please <<read this article>>.

Who Is This Program Best Suited For?
Our syllabus is steeped in the magical tradition and practice of nature-based spirituality. While you certainly don’t have to subscribe to an earthy path to benefit from this program, you may be more comfortable with spiritual overtones and ceremonial practices if you do. Our mentor, Josh Williams, has been practicing an earth-based spiritual path for over 20 years and is part of the core of what has come to be known as green witchcraft. The best student for this program is eager, passionate, and willing to get their hands dirty. We learn by doing and by going.


2We meet every other week for a full year giving us over 300 hours of advanced herbal education and hands-on experience! Streams are limited to 6 individuals in order to keep classes small and in-depth.

June 2019 – May 2020 / FULL
Meeting: Every other Sunday; 2pm-7pm or 10am-3pm

December 2019 – November 2020 / OPEN
Meeting: Every other Sunday; 2pm-7pm or 10am-3pm


Payment in full with discount
Course, classes, mentoring, books, most supplies and materials: $1,600

Payment plan
$420 per quarter paid at least 3 weeks before the quarter begins. $1,700


Since we purchase materials, books, and presenters in advance and are a small program, we cannot offer refunds on courses unless there is an extreme emergency that prevents attendance.


Upon successful completion of the course and all required projects, you will be awarded a certificate of completion, a letter of recommendation intended for application to the American Herbalists Guild (if you so desire), access to deeper initiatory-level craft training, and access to teaching and working opportunities if you’re interested.


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