When not out gallivanting in nature, identifying wild plants, or growing medicine herbs in a garden, many herbalists and herb enthusiasts can’t get enough reading time in. If you’re like me, you get pretty excited when one of your favorite teachers or practitioners writes a new book- there’s always something new to learn, a new perspective to gain, and a new story to hear. I read all the time, and most of what I read focuses on deepening my relationship to the plants. For this reason, I have put a lot of love and energy into curating a book selection here at Greenthread Herbs that I can be proud of. I am so happy everyday to glance at our bookshelves and see titles that have been so important to me over the years. Many have help me dive as deeply into herbalism as I have- and a few were there at the vert beginning of my interest in plant medicine and natural spirituality.

I thought it would be fun to share a few of my personal favorites with you since winter truly is book season! There’s nothing like nesting with a cup of herbal tea and good book while the snow covers the Earth for Her winter slumber. if you don’t see your favorite on this list, please let me know!

As a graduate of Michael and Leslie Tierra’s amazing East West School of Planetary Herbology, its probably no surprise that I love sharing their books. Three of my favorites, and the three that tend to be the most inspiring and empowering for those both new and seasoned in the world of herbalism are shown here. I love The Way Of Herbs as both an introduction to the massive world of plant medicine and a survey of the many paths a person can take as they get closer to the plants. If either Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine are what call you, The Way Of Ayurvedic Herbs and The Way Of Chinese Herbs will take you to the next level with approachability and depth.

Don’t let the humble size of this book fool you! This is one of Josh’s favorite herbal books- and one that he recommends to everyone that comes in and wants to know more. Victoria Zak in 20,000 Secrets Of Tea has created what just might be the best reference guide for working with medicinal teas anywhere. In addition to the deep, solid information found within, there are two separate indexes where you can reference herbs by name and by action. You can use this book to start becoming familiar with all of the 170+ herbs in our apothecary while also learning how to work with them in the form of infusions and decoctions for wellness. This book tucks perfectly into a bag and will quickly become one of your favorites!

Another one of Josh’s personal favorites is Adaptogens by David Winston. This book explores the sometimes complex world of the adaptogen class of herbs in a way that makes sense and arms you with usable information. In addition to exploring what adaptogens are and how they work on the body, Winston provides a very concise materia medica exploring the most trusted of the adaptogen family of plants. He also explores supportive herbs that can help you get more from your favorite plant allies.

If you’re in the Ashwagandha fan club, love your Reishi, or thrive on Holy Basil- this book is for you!

Some of our other most popular titles include books that explore the more spiritual and magical side of herbs. Long before we were ever making teas or tinctures we were working with plants on the energetic and spiritual levels. We carry many books that can help you to connect with them in this way to help create positive changes in your life. We also have several respected reference books, materia medicas, and more! Stop in to see what’s on the shelves right now and read up in preparation for next season’s herbal needs.

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