We’re super excited to be carrying a wide variety of products from Dragon Herbs, but our favorite has to be their Spring Dragon Longevity Tea. It’s kind of one of those ‘one sip and you’re a fan for life’ kinds of teas- and the benefits make it so much sweeter!

This unique herbal tea blend is rooted in some very interesting research done in Japan in 1972. Researchers found that some of the healthiest and most long-lived Chinese people had a close relationship with one very specific herb; Gynostemma (Jiao Gulan). This beautiful plant grows in the highland regions of Southern China where many other plants of its nature simply cannot thrive. Adaptogen herbs like Gynostemma are known for being able to thrive in harsh climates or altitudes and they pass on that thriving, adaptable energy to us.

As yo may have guessed, Gynostemma is the main ingredient in Spring Dragon Longevity Tea- but it’s not alone!

What’s Inside

One of our favorite herbs and one of the most delightful teas you’ll ever taste! Gynostemma is celebrated as a powerful adaptogen herb- an herb that helps protect us from the long-term damaging effects of every kind of stress while helping us become more resilient and composed in the face of stress as it happens. It has many of the same triterpinoid saponins as Asian Ginseng without the stimulation (or cost!). It has a pronounced antioxidant content, enhances the immunity, and has a wonderful calming nature that soothes and relaxes without sedating.

As if Jiao Gulan wasn’t enough, Dragon Herbs has extracted 5 additional tonic herbs that compliment and strengthen the effects of Gynostemma. These herbs are extracted in such a way that their full medicinal profile is saved. The result is a thick syrup which is applied to the Gynostemma leaves. The leaves are dried and the herbs are all ‘locked in’ with full potency. The other herbs in this blend are…

Luo Han Guo
We love this herb to help moisturize and nourish the lungs. It also gives a decadent sweetness to this tea blend.

Schisandra Berries
Known as the ‘five flavor fruit’, Schisandra acts as a calming tonic herb that addresses all five tastes in the body and nearly every organ system.

Lycium (Goji Berries)
A sweet, raisin-like berry that’s champion adaptogen Yin tonic and is celebrated for bringing out our inner beauty.

Eleuthero Root
If there’s a deep adaptogen that seems to get along with everyone, it’s Eleuthero. Neither too sedating or too stimulating, Eleuthero is a wonderful herb for all stressed-out individuals. It lends a clean, calm energy while helping us perform and feel at our very best.

Stop in today to experience Spring Dragon Longevity Tea for yourself, and to learn more about adaptogen herbs. It can be enjoyed in the morning or evening and will help to support either daytime energy or nighttime relaxation as needed. Known throughout China as ‘magic grass’, the anti-aging and adaptogen properties of Gynostemma are sure to put a smile on your face and in your heart!

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